Urodecor Aluminium Composite panels are made up of the finest quality materials. ACP is also known as “Sandwich Panels”, comprising two aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core. These panels have numerous applications as their features allow them to be used in interiors and exteriors. To enhance the aesthetic of any place, our ACP is considered the best option because of its availability in various designs and colours to meet everyone’s preferences. We, Urodecor, offer you rich shades of solids & natural textures to cater for your individual needs. After being fused under high heat and pressure, our final product comes out to be weather resistant, waterproof and durable. We give you immense pleasure with excellence, warmth, colours, realistic textures and rich dimensions present in our ACP sheets. Our product is pocket friendly as well as long-lasting. The extensive aluminium composite panels are of the highest quality, with a consistently flat and smooth finish. These top brand ACP sheets are easy to handle and can be cut, bent, folded, drilled, and punched, making them convenient to install.


Features Of ACP Sheets

Metal Based

Eco Friendly

Easy to Clean

Easy to Install

Wide Range of Colours & Patterns

Fully Recyclable

UV Resistant

Weather Resistance Termite Proof